Planning A Trip To Montreal Offers Overseas Immersion Mere Hours Away From U.S.

For those who want to vacation outside of the U.S. without having to fly or sail across oceans, we’ve got a tip for you: Canada. Our neighbor to the north offers easy access yet total immersion in a different culture. With that in mind, travel adviser Dr. Ben Ruby has a timely suggestion for those ready to start planning their annual summer excursion. Montreal is one such  Canadian destination that combines both the allure of a trip outside of the country combined with the culture and language of the French who came to inhabit the city and build it up to the economic powerhouse it is today. Montreal, which is the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province, is home to approximately 1.6 million residents. Within its borders, plenty of educational and entertaining outlets are available for those who wish to visit during the popular summer months. Below, Dr. Ben Ruby gives his best bets for Montreal visitors.

  • French without France: If you’re looking for the intersection of French culture without having to travel abroad, then Montreal’s French Quarter has got plenty to provide you with such a fix. Trek down to Rue St. Denis for French food, quaint shops and cafes and that are boosted by easy access via public transportation. You’ll be sure to find guests of all ages and backgrounds exploring and enjoying the culture.
  • The Olympics: Well, the 1976 summer games to be exact but it remains an undeniably popular and unique venue to visit while in Montreal. In fact, the leaning tower on the property is the tallest of its kind in the world, clocking in at 576 feet. Olympic Park, with its unmistakable dome and pillars, is located at 4141 Pierre-De Coubertin Ave.
  • Majestic view: By ascending the 764 feet that comprise Mont-Royal, you’ll be treated to stunning views of Montreal. According to Dr. Ben Ruby, this park and monuments that adorn it — including Jacques Cartier and King George VI — are well worth the trip and give you a bird’s eye view that may assist with orienting yourself later while exploring the historic quarters and side streets.

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